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Welcome to the home of the world’s most delicious Vegan Gourmet Spreads: Faux Gras®, Basilicotta™ and NEW Superfood Pesto

We are delighted to announce the launch of Superfood Pesto, our fantastic new Kale, Basil & Parsley Pesto. Look for it in the same stores you find Faux Gras®, Basilicotta or at our weekend markets. At the Regal Vegan, we believe delicious food doesn’t have to be bad for you, or anyone else for that matter. That’s why we create vegetarian dips and spreads to satisfy your taste buds without sacrificing anything else. Using whole foods, healthy ingredients and an international flair, we bring you our first two delicacies – Faux Gras®: a Toasted Walnut Lentil Paté and Basilicotta™: a Creamy Basil Cashew Cheese Spread – and now our amazing Superfood packed Pesto!

Decadent, savory and creamy, our spreads are not only perfect with crackers or veggies, but as a breakfast smeared on toast with a slice of fresh tomato, as a sandwich filling, in nori rolls, or as a midnight snack. Our vegan sandwich spreads are packed so full of nutrients, it makes goodness a most accessible luxury.

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Find our new Tapas Bar at the @brooklynflea!

Whether you’re shopping or just strolling by, come see us at our new spot for the Winter where we are whipping up yummy tapas every weekend. Our veggie pies and spreads are available as well for fabulous holiday treating for you and yours. We’re on break Dec 28-January 16th from the market.


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“Ella has brought her amazing vegan FAUX GRAS to stores in New York City! It’s a delicious vegan version of the infamous meaty spread made from animal products. Low fat, low sodium and hearty, I highly recommend that you try this product yourself.”
- Alexandra Jamieson, Author, Health Coach and featured nutrition expert in hit movie, Super Size Me

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